About Us
We are value driven, building our reputation on fundamental principles that are timeless and enduring.

Who We Are

Bethsaida Investment Partners Limited is a premier investment banking and asset management company. We have a collaborative culture that is built around teams that allows us to provide the best solutions to problems our clients face and to lead innovations in our market place.

Core Values


We take pride in delivering outstanding results through shared goals and continuous improvement. We believe anything is possible. Through exceptional planning and execution, we strive to maintain our reputation for reliability and market-leadership. We are dependable, relentless in pursuing our goals and thoroughly enjoy helping our customers achieve consistent growth.


As a result-oriented business, we always go beyond the expected to provide exceptional service. We take pride in our passion for active participation and excellent service delivery thereby creating the great outcomes we want to see. Our passion drives us to be the best as we bring effective solutions to the table across our businesses.


At Bethsaida Africa, transparency and honesty are at the heart of our business; we are guided by solid moral values and hold ourselves to high ethical standards. We understand that building trust into all facets of our work defines a sustainable business.


As a business driven by innovation, we challenge our ideas to meet our customers’ needs. With the knowledge that ideas can develop at all levels, we encourage creativity and learn from our processes. Our collaborative approach enables us to improve on the status quo and continuously challenge ourselves to innovatively execute world-class projects and deliver unrivalled success


At Bethsaida Africa, Our people are passionate and constantly focused on finding new ways of growing our businesses. Guided by synergy, we draw on our varied expertise, courage and drive to achieve sustained results. We believe there is always an opportunity to do better. With resolute determination, we constantly develop, test and improve to deliver the best customer experience, every time.


We have a diverse but complementary team


We work to understand the specific needs of our clients by offering a breadth of services and solutions across various asset classes and sectors to meet their unique needs.